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“De waarheid is nooit precies zoals je denkt dat hij zou zijn ...”

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"Developing the full individual and collective potential of an organisation
is the only objective of a leader." 


We are specialised in the hard and soft-side of organisational development and strongly focused on learning and people development. we have translated our joint experience in the SAMI®-model, a Strategic, Authentic, Multi-dimensional, Integration model.

This 3D-model of the LINKED organisation can be used as a diagnostic, solution focused, developmental instrument. It gives unprecedented possibilities for personal, team and organisational reflection.

You can imagine that this will give an enormous impulse to organisational development dynamics.

Organisational development

"During the training I gained a strong insight.into my position as owner, management within my company and coaching my personnel. I have noticed that because of these new insights motivating and trusting my personnel has improved greatly and have given them more responsibilities “ 

To be able to achieve her goals, an organisation is challenged to optimize internal processes and procedures while at the same time being forced to comply with and exceed (future) customer needs.

This requires a mind-set of people that reinforces and improves their attitude, capacity to act and the organisational set-up. Can you recognise patterns in your own organisation that reinforces these?  Do you see inspired and vital people or are they tired, slow, lacking energy?

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Team development

"It is great to see how a team is created and to be placed in situations by the coaches that are so recognisable for your day to day practice. It is an extremely effective way to discover how a team can function optimally. This way you will never forget it." 

Team learning is a real person to person activity. It is already a challenge in itself to allow one another to work on each other’s behaviour.

Management has the strategic challenge to guide their teams through this difficult phase.

Do you have a strategy and the skills to do this? Do you know the phases of team development? Are you recognising patterns in your team that are block their development? And above all…. Do you know which leadership style to adopt in which phase of their development and have the right answers available to their developmental questions?

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Personal development

“It enabled me to make the next step in my personal development. Because of the professional coaching the training was intense and extremely effective. If you ever have the chance to participate, take that challenge!” 

Authentic people have reconciled themselves with the paradox guiding/directing and letting go.

The path of becoming an authentic person is a bumpy one, because there is always a certain amount of imbalance. This imbalance really confronts us with who we really are and plays an important part in our relationships. To resolve this imbalance you need to get the courage to look into your personal mirror.

Executives who dare to take this challenge are on their way to develop the individual and collective potential of their teams and company.

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"Een uniek concept gebaseerd op oude tradities en nieuwe inzichten ..."


SAMI-courses will optimize the capacity to act of teams and individuals in organisations. The focus will on three levels: Content, procedures and cooperation processes. Three area’s that can make or break each other.

We guarantee tailor-made solutions by using the following triad:

  • The present moment
  • Our SAMI®-model
  • Functional and personal leadership

This triad gives the scope within which we shape our didactical principles.

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We are guiding and coaching private individuals, teams and organisations in their challenges to identify, analyse and overcome dynamics blocking their growth.

We are analytical, frank, provocative, understanding, sometimes even a bit vicious, sharp, strict, friendly and seducing. All needed to address the personal ability to learn.

The chosen exercises and assignments will be focussed tightly on the developmental question at hand.

We can assure you that we will do everything we can do for somebody that really wants to develop and faces the challenges to which he or she needs to respond.

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SAMI training can be your sparring mate to:

  • Clarify and bring order to confusing situations
  • Create robust client and market relationships
  • Decide on difficult decisions
  • Clarify (dis)functional patterns and/or system dynamics
  • Highlight were the next step in the development of the organisation can be

The consultant will move between the fields of being a mentor and coach and being the devil’s advocate.

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